Contentious Probate

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for disputes to occur over Wills and the administration of estates.

Our Private Client Solicitors have experience in a wide variety of Wills, probate and inheritance disputes, including:

  • concerns over the way a Will or trust is being administered
  • questions concerning the validity of a Will
  • Inheritance Act claims (for example where dependants have a right to a share in an estate not provided for in a Will, or where there is no Will and no reasonable financial provisions have been made for dependants)
  • claims over the negligent drafting of a Will
  • concerns over the appointment of executors

The law relating to disputed Wills and estates is complex and professional advice should be sought, especially if an estate is of significant financial value. Added to this, such disputes tend to arise at an already emotional time. Our team is acutely aware of the sensitivity required in such cases, and always acts in your best interests by seeking the most pragmatic solution to a dispute. Given the potential costs involved, litigation is often seen as a last resort, and where possible we will seek alternatives enabling disputes to be settled to our clients’ satisfaction.

Introducing our Litigation Department

For Litigation enquiries, please initially contact Jessika Bhatti o Charles Soden-Bird